In high-risk operations and in crisis, whether you succeed or fail solely depends on how well each member of your team can perform under intense pressure.

In crisis some succeed where others fail.
What does it take to be extraordinary?

In high-risk operations and crisis what makes the difference between maintaining high-performance, keeping your team and equipment safe, and a quickly disintegrating front-line operation with devastating outcomes?

The difference is in how your people perform under intense pressure. Whether rescue mission, deep sea drilling, frontline reporting, maritime and aviation security or surgeries; critical, high-risk operations require leadership, high-quality analysis and decision-making, effective team collaboration and individual resilience.

Your teams can be extraordinary.
We help them discover how.

Unusual Challenges Require Unusual Solutions - In Critical Situations as well as in Training

CobaltIED builds capabilities that can't be developed through conventional training methods but make all the difference when teams and their leaders are seriously put to the test.

High-Performing Teams and Excellence in Leadership - Through XR-Powered Training

Authentic simulations and deep immersion, applying neuroscience and psychology, tested and proven in training of elite armed forces.

The CobaltIED Team - Experience, Expertise & Excellence

CobaltIED is developed by a team of extraordinary individuals with a wide range of expertise, decades of practical experience operating in demanding environments and who share a passion for ground-breaking innovation.