Our Solutions

Firefighter Braving the Flames

Unusual Challenges Require Unusual Solutions - In Critical Situations as well as in Training

At CobaltIED™ we create high-impact, immersive trainings that combine cutting-edge simulation technology with expert human facilitation.  As an XR innovation company with an in-house team of scientists we blend proven training methodologies developed by NASA and Special Forces with deeply immersive XR technology including virtual and augmented reality.

CobaltIED programmes assess and develop the capability of individuals and teams to operate in highly demanding environments and perform under intense pressure. They are designed to develop front-line leadership, create high-performing teams that can operate in 'flow', build resilience and problem solving capability and aim to significantly reduce the chances for human error in critical operations.

Leadership and courage, cognitive agility, high-quality decision making, team performance and resilience are critical to reducing risk and succeeding under challenging circumstances.

The Unique Qualities of High-Performing Teams

High-performing teams share some unique qualities, whether they are senior leaderships teams, operational teams at the frontline of critical operations or teams of athletes in high-stakes sports competitions.


Integrity. Empowerment. Trust.

Decision Making

Cognitive Agility. Ambiguity. Complexity. Choice.

Communi- cation

Respect. Trust. Clarity.

Team Effectiveness

Commitment. Responsibility. Flow.


Emotion Regulation. Mental Toughness. Adaptability.

In an increasingly challenging environment organizations require capabilities that are difficult to develop through conventional training.

Why Conventional Training Approaches Fall Short

While conventional training methods have their benefits, they are ineffective when it comes to preparing individuals and teams to excel under intense pressure.

Stressful circumstances reveal people’s true capabilities, attitudes, temperament and level of resilience. Conventional training solutions are not able to replicate genuinely challenging circumstances, however, this would be required to accurately identify and address these factors.

Conventional training can transfer knowledge but fails to create authentic experiences that build capability on a deep neurological level.

In crisis situations, logical and analytical thinking is usually the first thing that is compromised. Knowledge that is only theoretical quickly becomes useless. We fall back to responses that are embedded much deeper in our brain, that are often based on unconscious patterns of sense-making and behaviour rooted in our experiences.

It is on this deep level where learning needs to occur to make a critical difference to performance.