CrisisXR Extended Reality Technology

The development of our CrisisXR technology has been made possible through collaboration with many technical partners and with the support of an Epic Megagrant.

The Cobalt Compact 'Freya Nehalennia Incident'

The development of the Cobalt Compact scenario the 'Freya Nehalennia Incident' - a crisis scenario set on a North Sea oil rig, has been supported by the German Film und Medienstiftung NRW.

Innovation Funding for CrisisXR-Hardware Development

KoelnBusiness supports the hardware development and further improvement of our proprietary interface software for CobaltIEDs new XR-Simulator under the innovation programme Koelner Rahmen [XR].

Microsoft StartUp & Member of the Founders Hub

CobaltIED is sponsored by Microsoft as a member of the Microsoft Startup Community.

Our Partners